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This came to a head earlier today when ninja' s channel was used to promote one of the most popular channels being hosted on twitch that day - a porn streaming channel. the fornite pro officially left twitch for its rival streaming platform on august 1, but the drama didn' t stop there. and ninja ripped twitch for the nsfw recommendation. the account which ninja is referring to was seen by countless viewers on twitch streaming porn for 2 hours and labeled as the top twitch channel being advertised on his deactivated account, with twitch failing to shut the account down in time. “ well now, there was a porn account that was number one being recommended on my channel, and i have no say in any of this stuff, ” tyler ‘ ninja’ blevins said in a video posted to twitter. twitch’ s ceo responds directly to ninja' s frustration with the company for seemingly promoting a porn account on his inactive channel. ninja twitch porn com: as the streaming community reels from twitch’ s controversial decision to use fortnite star ninja’ s channel to highlight other streamers, accidentally promoting pornography in the process, some say that it has exposed a far more serious issue with the platform.

while that stream has since been pulled, ninja has responded to. disgusted and so sorry. earlier this month,. he' s apologising because he was probably already mad about twitch advertising on his old channel and probably didn' t do anything because of pr reasons, didn' t want to seem pettier than twitch. “ we have also suspended these recommendations while. ninja ' disgusted' after fortnite streamer' s twitch channel used to promote pornography. less than two weeks after gaming star ninja left twitch to start a new channel at mixer, his old platform has been playing dirty. promoting fortnite videos and 404’ ing his old channel is not. welp, one of the streamers twitch promoted on ninja’ s channel apparently streamed pornography. twitch ceo emmett shear tweeted out an apology to ninja and said they have banned the account that aired the porn. after watching his channel go through several strange permutations, his breaking occurred when twitch allowed for a livestreaming porn entity.

on august 11th, tyler. space tech life social good entertainment deals. ninja calls out twitch for promoting porn on his old channel by dalton cooper published ninja calls out twitch after the company promotes porn on his old channel. mixer streamer ninja has lashed out at twitch, alleging that the streaming service has used his profile to promote pornography.

support us with our fortnite creator code: esportstalk_ check out the late. but ninja' s twitch. ninja aug twitch does not condone live streams of “ sexually explicit content and activities, such as pornography, sexual acts, and sexual services, including solicitation and offers for such content”, so that leaves questions as to how this service was allowed, as well as how it came to be featured on the dormant. ninja aug this isn’ t the first time that twitch channels have streamed porn: the company temporarily suspended new creators from streaming back after a group of trolls abused. to help ensure they find great, live channels we’ ve been experimenting with showing recommended content across twitch, including on streamer’ s pages that are offline. twitch has apologised to former streamer ninja after pornography was hosted on his page. 1/ our community comes to twitch looking for live content. emmett shear, the ceo of twitch, apologized to ninja for the mistake the same night and said that the channel streaming porn had been taken down.

this was likely an attempt by twitch to take his viewers away from him, thus keeping his fans on the twitch platform. his twitch channel can be viewed and it shows the previous fortnite streams from him. popular video game streamer tyler " ninja" blevins isn' t on amazon' s popular twitch service anymore after microsoft paid to move him to its competing mixer earlier this month. ninja left twitch earlier this month to sign an exclusive deal with microsoft' s new streaming platform mixer. this past weekend if you visited ninja' s now dormant twitch channel, it was redirecting you to some of his biggest competitors and, particularly, on sunday t. but news tweeted out today about twitch using ninja' s channel to promote porn streamer, angered and saddened the streamer. the madness began after ninja left twitchtwo weeks ago for rival platform mixer in a reported $ 10 million a year deal. superstar streamer ninja has beef with twitch over their treatment of his page after he stopped using the platform. twitch advertising porn on ninja’ s inactive stream ninja alleges that he had been targeted due to his venture with mixer by twitch.

on august 11, ninja got word that twitch was promoting a pornography account on his dead channel page. twitch replaced the content on the page - which has 14. tyler “ ninja” blevins is one of the most famous streamers to use the twitch streaming platform by playing fortnite. ninja wasn’ t happy about this, to begin with, saying they ( twitch) are only doing that on his channel, but the cherry on top was that the top- recommended channel in that list was streaming porn. the smut factor is incidentally what drew ninja' s ire. streamer tyler " ninja" blevins said on sunday, aug. 5 million twitch followers which is a huge number.

keep in mind, ninja’ s audience ( as with everything related to fortnite) skews young. massage a domicile rambouillet. disgusted and so. popular gamer' s move to microsoft- owned rival mixer has shaken live streaming. 11 that since he left twitch for mixer, he’ s seen petty slights from twitch. he was upset, for obvious reasons, and naturally, the internet got involved.

ninja claimed he was the only s. users who came to ninja' s. ninja disgusted with twitch after pornography appears on his channel - cnet tech gaming ninja disgusted with twitch after pornography appears on his channel the fortnite pro criticizes the video. now, ninja claims twitch is using his account to promote other streams and even porn to his 14 million followers. then someone streams porn there on a guy who' s audience consists of 6- 12 year olds who are aspiring fortnite pros. at time of writing, his twitch page appears as it would if he were simply. he claims his offline stream page was the only one who had been promoting other twitch channels. it was an embarrassing weekend for twitch these past few days, as the popular streaming site accidentally allowed a porn stream to run rampant across the site, including on ninja’ s old stream page.

twitch had yet another controversial story this past weekend, here it is with ninja. ninja left twitch for mixer on aug. ninja called on twitch to remove the advertisements and his entire channel. twitch recently promoted a pornographic stream on the now- defunct channel of popular streamer tyler " ninja" blevins. ninja was one of twitch’ s biggest stars, but left the platform for microsoft’ s rival service, mixer, on august 1. at one point, as documented by twitter user twitch even promoted a channel livestreaming porn on ninja’ s page.

over the weekend, twitch promoted a pornographic stream on his old twitch channel. ninja published the video after discovering that twitch was promoting other streamers. update: emmett shear, the ceo of twitch, has apologized to tyler ' ninja' blevins for the appearance of a porn video on the streamer' ninja twitch porn s offline twitch page. however, ninja recently left twitch to exclusively stream on mixer. latest videos chris evans and ' lightyear' cast give us a crash course on the film. 7 million followers - to show a list of other. twitch has since partially fulfilled his request, as ninja’ s channel now only links to videos of his older streams and. ninja says that he is “ disgusted and so sorry” for this happening to the. ninja ninja twitch porn took to twitter and has responded saying he was “ disgusted and so sorry. though things seemed to settle down, as people accused twitch of being petty by removing ninja' s verification badge, which turns out is customary for channels that are no longer in partnership with twitch.

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